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Toni Glieder, Carlos Martinez, Markus Dick, Frances Arnold, Claudia SchmidtDannert, Huimin Zhao, and Todd Hyster at Biotrans 2019 in Groningen

Bower Awards Banquet 2019 (1/2)

Bower Awards Banquet 2019 (2/2) 

Group Dinner Celebrating Frances’s Nobel Prize at the Rath, Oct 2018

Caltech’s Seminar Day Celebrating the Nobel, Nov 2018

Celebrating Claire Bedbrook’s thesis defense! May 2018

Chemical Engineering Economou Prize and lecture, Kari Hernandez, Oct 2017

Enzyme Engineering conference in Toulouse, France, September 2017. From left to right: Huimin Zhao, Miguel Alcalde, Uli Schwaneberg, Frances Arnold, Anders Knight, Bernhard Hauer, Claudia Schmidt-Dannert, and Jeff Moore.

Arnold group alumni Tillmann Heinisch, Jackson Cahn, Lukas Herwig, and Armin Baumschlager with Frances in Basel at the Molecular Systems Engineering Conference, August 2017

The group enjoying cold beer on a hot summer evening at the Ath al fresco, August 2017.

Farewell dinner for one of our German Master Students, Anissa. August 2017

Arnold group alumni Andrew Buller, Phil Romero, Katie Brenner, and Jeff Endelman at University of Wisconsin, 2017

America Fest at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, July 4, 2017

Arnold group at the Merv Griffin Estate, La Quinta, CA, June 2017

They clean up nice. Caltech, April 2017

Farewell dinner for one of our European Master Students, Remkes. February 2017.

Secret Santa, Dec 2016

25 years of Directed Evolution: Arnold lab reunion, July 2016

Hike to Mount Lowe, San Gabriel mountains, September 2015

Ioulia Smonou and Frances Arnold, BIOTRANS 2015, Vienna, Austria, July 2015

Chris Prier, Sheel Dodani, Andy Buller, Schwarzenberg Austria, March 2015

Oprah Winfrey, Frances Arnold, Sidney Poitier, Academy of Achievement Dinner, Los Angeles, November 2014

Queen Elizabeth welcomes Frances to the award ceremony of the inaugural QE Prize for Engineering, Buckingham Palace, June 2013

President Obama awards Frances the 2011 National Medal of Technology at the White House, February 2013